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Rotary Club International gave us the opportunity to run a full-time regular school ...

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Frequently asked Questions
How does Vidyarambam monitor the operations?

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School Model Learning Centre (SMLC)

  1. The entire class benefits from Vidyarambam�s curriculum and methodology
  2. The teachers / School Principal get to observe VT�s methods and inculcate and include in their teaching style
  3. Safety is not a concern as the School and parents are responsible for the child
  4. There is a second level of monitoring and impact assessment directly as the Principal is checking in as well
  5. The ability to reach many more children in the school than the village model
  1. The VT tutor has a full day ahead and moves from one class to another to conduct the classes during school hours. The children strength is always more than 20 in most schools
  2. At times there is unavoidable interference by and from the school teachers and principals
  3. VT tutors are at times given other assignments by the Principals as well - a distraction (Principals consider VT staff as extra teachers available in the school to leverage!)
The Progress
Vidyarambam has taken up very seriously to teach English language to all its children from Pre-School to Primary level.�To achieve this all the tutors and volunteers about 600 hundred of them have been put on intensive training to learn the English language adopting phonics method.

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