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Frequently asked Questions

About Vidyarambam

What does the press have to say about Vidyarambam?

A number of articles have appeared in local and national newspapers.

What is the current status of Vidyarambam's efforts?

As of September 2008 Vidyarambam centers have been opened in 22 districts of Tamil Nadu and in 10 districts it is well rooted.

In which Indian states has Vidyarambam started centers?

Vidyarambam has a board of Trustees who oversee the entire effort. A number of other people are involved including State Co-ordinators, Regional Co-ordinators, District Co-ordinators, Assessors, Tutors and Administratve Assistant, Explorers and Volunteers.

How old is Vidyarambam?

It was started in February 2002.
Monitoring and Feedback

Do the kids receive any certificate for having attended Vidyarambam?

At the end of the term, the kids are evaluated and given a Certificate.

Do you get FEEDBACK whether the kids after completing Vidyarambam join the regular schools?

We receive reports from the schools saying that Vidyarambam kids stand out.

How does Vidyarambam evaluate the learning process?

Independent evaluators conduct an objective evaluation of each child using an Evaluation Sheet twice a year.

How do you monitor the operations?

We have 3 tier monitoring system in vogue. At field level one Assessor takes care of 12 centers while at block level, one Assistant Coordinator takes care of 48 centers and at the district level there is a District Coordinator and Coordinators.

Do the tutors receive any salary?

Yes, and measures are being taken to allow tutors to run Vidyarambam centers as franchisees.

Do tutors receive any training on joining Vidyarambam?

After an initial induction, workshops are regularly conducted to help tutors learn to use the existing materials and to develop novel ways to teach.

How are the tutors chosen?

We look for committed women who have completed at least class 10. Orientation is given for candidates and a written test is conducted to choose the best of the lot.

What is the methodology employed to teach language?

Activity based play way methodology is adopted by Vidyarambam.

What kind of books do the libraries have?

They are stocked with story books suitable for children at different levels.

Where are the classes held?

We ask the villagers to find a suitable place - usually, it tends to be the tutor's own home or sometimes, under a tree.

When are the classes held?

Two hours a day, usually 4-6 p.m. Some parents ask for longer duration but we explain to them that Vidyaramabam is not a day-care center and we intend to maintain the present timing as it is effective.

What happens to the materials given to the children and the center?

The children keep their own kit while the center continues to use its materials for future classes. A library of books is also being set up in each center.

Where does Vidyarambam procure its learning materials from?

All learning materials have been developed in-house by Vidyarambam, to ensure quality, relevance and cogency.

What is the requirement to become a member of the board?

To passionately accept the mission of Vidyarambam; Proven ability in areas like Fund raising and Project planning; Able to support with self donations at times of dearth of funds.

Are the volunteers salaried people?

Yes. Except the members of the board of Trustees and district honorary coordinators all others are paid employees. Since most of them have joined Vidyarambam with a devotion to the cause of poor children education, some incentive is paid. Apart from that their traveling expense is met by the Organisation. A loan scheme is introduced for the field volunteers to buy a bicycle or motorcycle or cell phone or for self higher studies on interest free easy repay program.

Can I visit any of your centers?

We welcome any volunteer who wishes to visit Vidyarambam centers. Find out how you can get involved.

How can I volunteer my free time for the service of Vidyarambam?

Thank you for your interest! Your help is welcome and you could aid us in many ways. Please read more about how you can get involved and then complete the application form. We look forward to your involvement.
Sponsors and Donations

Do you have FCRA clearance?

Yes, this is an internationally accepted percentage by NGOs and donors.

Is 9% a reasonable amount for administrative expense?

YES, VIDYARAMBAM has obtained FCRA clearance and can receive funds from Outside India.For more details, please contact us.

Is my donation exempted from Income-Tax?

All donations are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961 - Valid upto March 31, 2009.

Can I sponsor a center for one term? How much would it cost?

Yes. If you indicate the district in which you would like to adopt a center we shall furnish a list of centers functioning in the district. Then you can choose a center and adopt the same. For one of the existing centers it may cost between 10,000 and 12,000 rupees. If you wish to adopt a new center to be launched, it will cost 15,000 rupees.

Can I support just one child? How much would it cost?

Yes. If you indicate the district in which you would like to support a child we shall furnish a list of centers functioning in the district. Then you can choose a center and support one of the children there. It will cost Rs. 750 or 900 depending upon the center chosen. If you wish to support a child for full time learning in Rotary Vidyarambam Nursery & Primary School, Nagapattinam, it will cost Rs. 8,500/- per year. Read more

Who are the main sponsors of Vidyarambam?

Vidyarambam has been supported by a number of institutions and individuals, including HCL, Lions Club, GE Elfun, Rotary Club and Pratham Education Foundation. Read more.
The Progress
Vidyarambam has taken up very seriously to teach English language to all its children from Pre-School to Primary level.�To achieve this all the tutors and volunteers about 600 hundred of them have been put on intensive training to learn the English language adopting phonics method.

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