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HeadStart - English through Phonics

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To provide a head start to upper-primary (STD IV and V) kids by teaching them to read and write English words using phonics. Also help them construct simple English sentences on their own.
Why English?
The need for learning English - a global language - is strongly felt by rural and urban students who require to face the challenge of communicating in English. Often times, English becomes the missing ingredient in the employability of rural children.
Why is upper-primary (STD IV and V) the target group?
English through Phonics is taught to children in Grade I to V at Vidyarambam Learning Centers in Villages and Vidyarambam Model School in Nagapattinam.And this curriculum is condensed (made grade appropriate) from our Easy Learning English (ELE) program that we deliver to Grade VI to IX students. The results speak for itself - Vidyarambam Rotary school students are learning English, a completely foreign language much better than the students learning English through traditional teaching methods in regular schools. Our test results at school and the students ability to read and write at their grade level gave us the necessary impetus to create HeadStart – a month long program that decodes English through Phonics for children of Grade IV and V to learn English and be able to read and write and take on Grade VI with a lot more confidence.
What does the program cover?
A 20 session program named HeadStart – English Decoded has been designed and will be delivered to STD IV and STD V students across the state which will focus on imparting skills to read English wordsusing innovative teaching methodologies and write simple sentences in English The HeadStart program will be taught over a period of a month by Vidyarambam trained tutors who will work with the children using specially designed books and resources. The teacher to student ratio will be
1 : 30. Classes will be held during school hours in the time designated by the schools for HeadStart.
Goal and Timeline
Reach 100,000 4th and 5th standard children across TN in the current academic year (2014-2015).
What would it cost?
All it takes is Rs.200 per child and Rs. 6000 for a batch of 30 kids.

There will be a diagnostic test and post test conducted to gauge the improvement in the child.
We will also ensure that the child getting the benefit of Rs. 200/- will directly communicate (in English) to the donor through our website.

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Our Vision
Vidyarambam is dedicated to providing enjoyable quality education to all the less-privileged and under-achieving children at pre-primary, primary and secondary levels, encouraging them to successfully continue their education.
Our Goal
In the coming years, Vidyarambam plans to i) increase its presence from 8 to 14 districts in Tamilnadu; ii) expand to provide Easy Learning English (ELE) to government secondary schools in the city; and iii) replicate the success of its model school in one other district
The Trust
Registered as a Not for profit Organization. Donors enjoy 100% tax exemption under section 35 AC and 50% exemption under section 80 G of the Income Tax act.

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