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Evolution of the EPC PROGRAM

Vidyarambam was started in the year 2002 with a mission to provide quality education for the less-privileged and under-achieving students. In the year 2008, Vidyarambam, after receiving training from ISAI AMBALAM SCHOOL, developed a program called 'Easy Learning English' (EPC). The program covers teaching of the letters of the alphabet, phonetics and introduces basic grammar for the primary level students. Initially it was tried in Vidyarambam's Village Learning Centers and at the Nagapattinam Rotary Vidyarambam School.

At the insistence of some Head Masters of the Govt. schools in southern districts of Tamil Nadu, Vidyarambam conducted a short term course for the students of the Govt. Middle / High Schools during school hours (every week a certain number of periods were allocated for this by the school) from the academic year 2008. Vidyarambam empowered its own teachers to conduct the EPC course in the schools. Year after year we gained experience and kept improving the content of the program, bearing in mind the low English language exposure of the target students and the bar set by the school English syllabus. Simultaneously, capacity building and upgrading the skill level of the EPC teachers happened continuously.

Starting with an enrolment of 1,100 students in the first year of EPC program implementation, today a total of 41,437 students have benefitted from the program. From the assessment of the students who have undertaken the program, we have found that, about 85 percent have acquired age-appropriate reading, comprehending and writing abilities while about 40 percent attempt to speak the language (in an environment where English is completely absent in the daily discourse).

In our monitoring visits to the schools, we found STD IX students taking Vidyarambam's EPC course to be very enthusiastic and they showed an ardent interest to learn English. These were the group of students who, 2 / 3 years earlier had been averse to learning the English language. Having witnessed this transformation, and with a view to sustain their interest to learn the language, Vidyarambam, for the first time has introduced English Proficiency Contest offering awards to the Toppers in the exam.

The preliminary test was conducted on February 24, 2014 in which 1605 STD IX students from 5 districts participated. 379 of them were found eligible to sit for the FINALS which is slated to be held on March 28, 2014. The ratio of girls to boys in this contest is 296:83. Please check the link for pictures of the event and details of the preliminary results:

A very innovative Question & Answer book has been designed. You will find this uploaded on our website and the Facebook page right after the Q&A book is issued to the students in the exam hall at 10.00 a.m. IST on March 28. Hall tickets are ready and will reach the students a day earlier. The evaluation will be done by independent volunteers to avoid any favoritism since the contest involves monetary benefit for the examinees.

Vidyarambam wishes to reward the TOPPERS with an award of CASH and / or KIND.

Acknowledging the efforts of the students for having successfully gone through the Preliminary Test, Vidyarambam wishes to reward all the 379 students by presenting them with a pack of English books and gift in KIND.

For about 100 TOPPERS in the FINALS, it is planned to give away a certificate, CASH AWARD and a pack of English books. CASH AWARD will be given by checks only. The estimated award cost ranges between Rs.400 to 5000 per student depending on the rank he/she obtains. Support for this specific English Proficiency Contest (EPC) AWARD Program is solicited.

To make a donation online please click http://www.vidyarambam.org/fund-a-program.htm

Always your donation (in INR) will qualify for 100 % tax exemption under Section 35AC of the Income Tax Act 1961, if received on or before March 31st 2014. All our programs are FREE for the children, a requisite to qualify for the Approval of 35AC facility!

Donors in the US may also be able to avail the US tax exemption status by donating through this GiveIndia page by selecting the General Fund option and selecting quantities of 1 or more (based on the level of support intended). GiveIndia accepts payment through PayPal and personal checks.

V. Ranganathan
Founder & President
Vidyarambam Trust
Our Vision
Vidyarambam is dedicated to providing enjoyable quality education to all the less-privileged and under-achieving children at pre-primary, primary and secondary levels, encouraging them to successfully continue their education.
Our Goal
In the coming years, Vidyarambam plans to i) increase its presence from 8 to 14 districts in Tamilnadu; ii) expand to provide Easy Learning English (EPC) to government secondary schools in the city; and iii) replicate the success of its model school in one other district
The Trust
Registered as a Not for profit Organization. Donors enjoy 100% tax exemption under section 35 AC and 50% exemption under section 80 G of the Income Tax act.

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