Support Course (Senior) has 5 components:

1. Tamil
2. English
3. Arithmetic
4. School syllabus
3. Social skills
A detailed syllabus has been developed to cover in 9 months.

Tamil Language skills
At the end of the program, the student:
1. forms sentences of his own about a given topic
2. reads stories fluently without mistakes and with comprehension
3. analyses unfamiliar texts and formulate questions
4. goes through aural comprehension tests
5. writes dictated sentences without mistake


1. learns place values
2. recites multiplication tables
3. learns addition with carryover and subtraction with borrowing
4. does 3 digit multiplication
5. does 3 digit division
6. does fractions, decimals, percentages and word sums
7. does simple graphing, estimation and measurement
  School syllabus
Students are taught:
1. science concepts with practical tests and simulations
2. social science by demonstrative methods
3. environmental science using models, maps and charts

English Language
At the end of the program, the students:
1. know a minimum of 400 words including verbs, adverbs and adjectives in daily use
2. speak simple sentences fluently
3. comprehend questions and answer them

Social skills

1. sing songs with actions
2. acts in dramas and plays
3. learn public speaking skills