The Balwadi curriculum has 4 components:

1. Tamil
2. English
3. Numeracy
4. Social Skills

A detailed syllabus has been developed to be taught in 11 months.

Numeracy and Cognitive Abilities
At the end of the program, the student:
1. able to recognize numbers
2. can count objects
3. is able to recognize letters of the alphabet
4. can color within the given outline

Social Skills

1. keeps things in order
2. comes neatly dressed
3. helps others
4. waits for his / her turn
5. participates in class activities
6. relates with peers & others
7. learns basic concepts of personal hygiene
Language skills (Tamil and English)

1. is able to sing songs
2. is able to tell stories
3. can name body parts, vegetables, fruits etc.
4. can ask questions
5. uses clear, precise language
6. communicates ideas, problems and feelings
7. listens
8. comprehends what is taught
9. follows sequence
10. follows instructions